Singleness is not a holding pattern.

Singleness is not a waiting period before "real life" begins. This is your time to live abundantly. This is a time to be fruitful.

FRUITFUL is a twelve month guide to an abundant single season.

Each chapter challenges a different area of your life, encouraging spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. The book comes out SEPTEMBER 1, 2017! Subscribe to be first in line and receive a FREE 30 Day Singleness Prayer Guide!

Fruitful: A Year Long Guide to an Abundant Single Season - Chapters Include:

Plant the Seed: Your Faith

Cultivate the Soil: Your Heart

Put Down Roots: Your Community

Food for Growth: Your Health

Growing Up: Your Fears

Pruning Back: Your Distractions

Time to Grow: Your Waiting

Fully Mature: Your Dating

Grafting In: Your Relationships

Blossom Time: Your Gifts

Bear Fruit: Your Glory


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